Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just received my very first ARC!!! Wahoo...

I'm officially a real book blogger as well as writer!

I actually asked (begged really) for this ARC all over the place and I'm not sure yet who took pity on me...but I will find out so that I can send a million thank yous...(I'm really liking the elipses today. I think it's my more mature version of the !)

Whew.  I am breathless with anticipation.  Not just about Across the Universe, although I have been dying to read it since the first few paragraphs of the excerpt that I read over a month ago.  I am breathless at the idea of being entrusted to read and review books before they are even released.  What a thrill -- and yes, I am aware that I'm a book geek.

So, probably within a day or so, I'll send my first official ARC review out into the blog-iverse or blogosphere, the world basically.  Yes!



  1. YOU HAVE ACROSS THE UNIVERSE!?!!?!?!?! *Squeal!* I do...think I have to hate you now though...sorry... but...you have Across the Universe...

  2. I'm too busy to reply right now...cause I'm reading ACROSS THE UNIVERSE...HAHAHAHA!