Friday, October 8, 2010

Just read the coolest first chapter from Across the Universe by Beth Revis!

You have to check it out here .  And, while you are at it..tell about your most awesome adventure.  You could win an ARC!!

Since I've only read one chapter, I can't say for sure if there are sparkly vampires, but I do know that it's YA and SCI FI, so I'm guessing aliens only.  Anyway, I was a Star Trek junkie before the Next Generation and am stoked to find a stellar book that combines my love of science fiction and YA-- which has ruled my world for a few years now. 

On a more personal note, this book gives me hope that there will be a market for my genre jumping work when the time comes. 

I just can't wait to read the rest.

I managed to make it to the writers group this week for the latest news, but I didn't stay to read.  Mostly, because I didn't write.  It's been painful the last couple weeks to get anything on paper and I need to bust out of this sludge pit.  I'm thinking about just skipping around and writing whatever chapter is playing in my head at the moment.  I really haven't found that magic formula yet.  Everyone has to discover their own way to get from the point where characters keep talking in their head to where they live and breathe on the page...ugh.

My second hand quote for the week (Kiersten quoted it at her signing) from Aprilynne Pike 'Give yourself permission to write crap.  Then, make it better.'

I like that.

I can write crap.  THAT, at least, I'm sure of!!!