Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Finally my review of Across the Universe

I know, I know I'm running late on this...
Across the Universe begins with seventeen-year-old Amy and her parents being processed into cryogenic sleep on a spaceship called Godspeed. Amy is seemingly trapped in dreams during the long 300 year journey to the new planet that her parents are supposed to help colonize.  
The story alternates point of view between Amy and a boy of seventeen named Elder who has been born and raised on Godspeed.  He is the heir apparent to the leadership role on the ship. 
Amy is suddenly awakened 50 years earlier than their projected arrival at the new planet.  Emotionally, the impact of the situation is devastating since her parents are still in stasis and cannot be awakened without endangering the entire mission.  Amy cannot be refrozen without endangering her life as well, so she is alone essentially.  She followed her parents on this frightening journey to avoid being left alone on Earth, but now she must learn to live without them in the very odd culture that’s been established on the ship.
Her awakening itself is the first mystery.  Was it an attempted murder?  That seems to be the case when several other frozen passengers are murdered or nearly murdered.  Elder, Amy and Elders friend must protect Amy’s parents and the other frozen colonists while solving the puzzle of what could motivate the attacks.
Across the Universe is absolutely an engaging read that kept me turning pages late into the night.  I had to know the secrets of Godspeed.  It reminded me of several different classic dystopian stories.  To sum up thought, I would call it a swirl of Soylent Green meets 1984 with a side of dystopian love. So, if dystopian tops your book love list, then this one will definitely be a new favorite!

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  1. Ugh gah! You read it! Getting SO jealous of everyone reading this before me!! I bet it was amazing though. Great review!