Monday, May 9, 2011

Who should I be when I grow up?

A week or so ago, I met Meg Cabot!!!

I am so glad I drug myself down to the Barnes and Noble to listen to her speak in person.  Somehow, being close enough to reach out and touch someone while they are speaking (not that I did that or anything, geez) makes the whole experience much more powerful and real.
She was very funny, of course, but also deadly serious about how hard it is to be a writer whether working on your first book or your 25th.  When asked which book of her own was her favorite, she paused and then replied that it has to be the one she is working on at the moment.  In order to complete the arduous process of getting to The End, she said she must immerse herself in that story alone and make it the sole focus of her energies and that doesn’t leave much room for thinking back on her past creations. 
Just love her and her inscription in my book was Believe!, because I may have mentioned my desire to be just like her when I grow up—and no, it SO doesn’t matter that I’m older…sigh.
Here is a great interview with her by some other fans at the same signing.


  1. Awesome that you got to see her!!! Jealous.

  2. Good thing you didn't reach out and touch her, you probably would have been jumped by security and labeled "Crazed Fan". Hehe, glad you got to see her speak and be in her presence. She's a great writer.