Thursday, April 14, 2011

Had the best morning writing in Starbucks...

First of all, let me say just how much I love Starbucks.... 

From the smell of rich coffee, to the hub-ub of people chatting, to the cushy chairs and cute little tables--I love every bit of it.  And, I just realized today, that Starbucks is my muse.  I can write at home, but the laundry keeps calling and if I get up to make myself coffee, the dishes practically SCREAM to be washed.  I can't think about hot boys or space aliens or all the fictional possibilities half so well as I can in that cushy Starbucks chair.  I need an assigned seat at Starbucks every day of the week for a few months so that I can finish this first novel.

Unfortunately, my employer would probably not allow me to take 40 personal days....sigh....

I may have to try this out in the evenings sometimes.  Maybe instead of heading to the writers group, I will head to my writers spot and just finish that first draft instead. 

How do you make this gig work? Please let me in on your secrets!


  1. Oh you had me at Starbucks :) I love them I really do, I have not tried writing there.... yet!! It would be nice if your boss said take all the Starbucks time you need, finish that novel and just give me a blurb somewhere in there! :)

  2. You had me at Starbucks too! It is definitely a sinful pleasure for me. Such a shame that sitting there all day drinking coffee would cost a bomb. *cries*

    I also write in starbucks, and I people watch there too.

    As for making this gig work, well, writing in the mornings and evenings. I'm lucky that I only have a part time job so the free days I can devote to my writing and my studies. :)

    <3 your blog!