Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My first SHOUT OUT !!! SQUEE!

Ok. I'm really not a squee kinda girl.  I more of a low key, "Wow, that's so cool" person.  But, I'm still trying to get the hang of this blogging thing and I AM REALLY EXCITED and appreciative when someone who's been at it a bit gives me a boost.

So, go on over to Colene Murphy's site The Journey and see how she mentioned me like 20 TIMES--SO COOL! 

Whew.  I feel much calmer now, but still glowingly happy.



  1. Ha! you're so funny. I'm glad I could bring you some squee! And so pleased to have met you this past year (arc's aside). I know your blog is going to be big!!

  2. Got the book from Colene! Thanks so much for starting this!!

  3. Thanks for being out in the blogosphere when I set out to find other aspiring authors to follow and commiserate with.