Tuesday, February 22, 2011

DFW Writers Workshop this weekend!

Whew!  Having I have survived the siege on my personal domain with my sovereignty intact, I recovered quickly from having a malfunctioning body part removed.  Sounds scary right?  I thought so too, which was the reason for my panic about invading hordes last week.  I managed to plan ahead well enough to discourage even the most insistent helpful friend.  THANK GOODNESS!!  The absolute last thing I want when recovering from illness or injury is someone stopping by to chat.  Hair sticking in every direction is my personal right under such circumstances and I would feel the need to comb it or something if visitors arrived!
Anyway…DFW Writers Conference.  Yea!!!
I am losing my jangly nerves about this and starting to get really excited.
Since I joined the writers group in August just before starting this blog, I have access to the Friday night happy hour meet and greet with all the agents, publishers and writers that will be part of the conference!!!  AMAZING! 
I just have to figure out what to say other than…ILoveYourBlogBookWorkAndItsSoCooltoMeetYou.  Yeah, that is one word.
I am looking forward to meeting Weronica Janczuk from Lightning and Lightning Bugs a Publishing Blog and Rosemary Clement-Moore who wrote the fabulous Prom Dates from Hell series.  Rosemary is part of the writers group, but she’s never been at the meetings when I have.  I might even get to see her on Wednesday night since she is doing a little pre conference class at the group.  Ok, so I might be stalking her just a teeny tiny bit, but only in the nicest—I totally want to be you—kind of way.
I would love to know if anyone has been to a writers conference before and has pointers.  Do I really need business cards?  They feel silly to me, but I want to network.  Could I just print up a few dozen little cards with my contact info on them to hand to people who ask….  I’m more of a scrap of paper from my purse networker thus far, but I suppose I might run out of scraps if things go well.



  1. I've wanted to attend one of these as well. I think the convention I go to ever year has some talks on writing topics, so I think I'll check that out this year.

    Business cards are simple, but scraps of paper are a personal style of yours. I'd go with personal style, personally. Someone will comment with more knowledge than I on this I'm sure though.

  2. I hope the conference is great. I was supposed to go to this before we moved to the tundra :(.
    Have fun and good luck.
    I'm your newest follower.

  3. I'm jealous... Never been to a writers conference :(

    Anyway, thanks for reading my interview, and I'm happy to own up to TWILIGHT :-) I'm not as big of a fan as I used to be (I LOVED the series before I discovered all the other YA books out there) but they're really not that bad! And I'm so glad I read them because they inspired me to start my own serious writing :-)